i'll hopefully soon be gettin this amp and got a few questions
i did a search and i'm pretty sure i'll be happy with this amp.
keep in mind i'm not buying it. my wife, mom, and brother are going to be "surprising" me with a new amp (wife can't keep a secret and didn't know what kind to get).

i use a crate GL60X now. . i can get descent tone out of it. although even with the reverb on 10 it still sounds lifeless.
how much of an upgrade in tone should i expect?
how close can the vox come in sheer volume?

i mostly only play clean licks. most distorted i go is a basic metallica tone or some tool.
mostly looking for a good electric blues tone

any input whatsoever, just shoot it at me!. thanks!
The Vox is fantastic in volume. I have the 30w and cranked it right up and it just about blew my eardrums out. It's very loud. Tones great when it's cranked, and it's awesome cause you can keep it cranked and just turn down the speaker volume on the back. Plus it's got noise reduction so you can pretty much eliminate any hiss/feedback, though I don't use it on solos because it seems to cut out single notes fairly quick.

I got mine and i'm hooked on Vox.

Just make sure you get the VFS2 footswitch with it, the buttons are a bitch to push while you're playing.
nice! i'll be sure and get the switch also.

nother question. i noticed it has the analog knobs. presets. etc etc. when i switch channels and it switches to the next preset do the knobs move to the right positions or does it just bypass the knobs?
Bypasses the knobs. I know it's very confusing at first but you get used to it in the end. All the knobs are digital. It's hard to explain, read the manual when you get it, that explains it pretty good. The only problem I have is getting volumes at the same levels saved on the channels, but it's fairly easy to sort out, just time-consuming.

It's a pretty well-designed system though.
well i have a vox ad50vt and when i turn it 3 quarters full, everything around me shakes (a picture fell off the wall!)