hey guys,
im so confuced with these 2 strats i have no idea witch one is better. any sujestions?
the reissue would undoubtabley be better i have a 50s and it pawns the standard
i think this may have something to do with them being made in smaller numbers
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The 70s strat is better, but it I don't think its as good as the 60s or 50s strat.
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my best guess is, apart from differences that are apparent even in identical models, they would be the same as far as quality is concerned. The real differences would be in tone, feel and appearance, which all are personal preferences.
Try them out, decide for yourself.

But the 70's ones are of more consistent quality, but you might find an amazing MIM Standard.
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I've played the 50's Classic. It pwns. It looks feels and plays far more expensive than its (as little as £349 - GAK.co.uk) price tag suggests. I'm thinking about getting one. The 70's will probably be great too, but it doesn't have the nice dark varnish or aged plastic parts, and the headstock is the CBS version, like my Squier. It will probably be better suited though to 70's style music, if that's what you're after.