To make a long story short and sweet...

i'm in the army and i wasn't supposed to be here but I ended up in Korea. I left NJ Aug 2nd and planned on going back to get all my gear and drive it down to SC(where I was supposed to be stationed). I wasn't allowed to go home to get my stuff, so now it's stuck there. I don't want to ship it because I just don't trust anybody but me handling it for such a long way.

Do you guys/girls have any suggestions as to how I can get my stuff here that will keep me up the least at night? Or if you have any 'cheap but good for now' ideas, I'd be more than willing to listen--because I'm only here in Korea for a year. I bought a crappy acoustic, but I want an amp and an electric. dammit. lol

thanks guys
Well it's more of a pastel black, really...

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