How often do you guys change yr acoustic guitar strings.And How can you tell when it is time to changed it.I'm using D'Addario Strings,medium,and it cost quite a lot for me so someone can help me out .Thnx
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Dude, it depends on how much you play or how much you don't play. The more you play the more often you'll want to change strings. I change mine every few months, when they become 'dull' sounding, providing I haven't broken any. Its hard to explain if you aren't changing your strings regularly. When you put a new set on you'll hear the difference and become more accustomed to knowing when you should opt to put a new set on. If your buying single packs from a store, try a website like strings direct www.stringsdirect.co.uk (they ship everywhere) It's cheaper if you buy more than one pack at a time. Huge range too. Check it out.