hey, i dont no bout this song, so PLEASE crit would love they feed back, however igoner the speeling mistacks, thanks later.

Biter sweet withdrawals

Lying asleep with eyes wide open,
Dreaming that dream were I tell her how I feel,
I have seen it so much I could saw it was real,
With the colors so bright, and her eyes so perfectly still,
Questioning nothing I have to say,
I saw I wouldn?t be sacred, but I barely listen to my self,
She?s running through my head like a marathon of utter confusion,
And I can?t bring my self to stop this race,
And breaking this habit is hared then I ever thought,
The biter sweet withdrawals, takes there toll,
And I no she?s all I ever wanted,

so let?s cut to the chance,
there smiles to be faked,
And I no you never cared near half as much as I did,
But the fact remands the same,
Im doing what I can, to free my self of you.

Its just one of thows days,
And I want to scream,
But cant find the words.
To describe how it all fell apart,
The fall out spread further,
Then her words ever did,
Some many lives ruined,
By the ripple effect,
Of a few stupid words
When u fell like there no one to say this is not your fault

Lying asleep with eyes wide open,
Asking the one question,
Of were I went wrong,
Did I take this long,
"Brunet hair and a kill shot"