I think Nick Drake is hugely understated for his contribution to the music world. His lyrics are brilliant and the guitar playing that accompanies them is like nothing else around. I figured I'd just start this thread and see if anybody else out there share my admiration for the guy. My collection of his music is admittedly quite small but my favourite album of his has to be five leaves left.

Feel free to post anything about the man himself, even if it's just a quick line to show your appreciation...
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who is he? i'm serious.
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He really is phenomenal. I only have Pink Moon at the moment, but I'll most likely pick up something else of his in the future.
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who is he? i'm serious.

Nick Drake was an English folk singer from the late 60s and early 70s who made a few brilliant albums, but sadly died from an overdose of anti-depressants when he was only 26.
Here's his allmusic page.

During his lifetime, Nick's music didn't sell very well. But in recent years, he has gained a new fan base. I've been told that this VW commercial sparked a bit of a buzz, but i'm sure it's mostly thanks to the general increase in interest for folky singer-songwriter music we've seen recently.

I suppose you can say that he was hyper-sensitive, and his music reflects that. It's very gloomy and quite depressing, but at the same time also unbelievably beautiful. I believe it was his mother who said he was born with "a skin too few". Which is also the name of a documentary about him which is worth seeing, it should be on eMule somewhere. I think it's a perfect metaphor, his songs do seem extremely sensitive and vulnerable. Apparently, it's not good for your mental health to be that sensitive, but it made his music some of the most emotionally stimulating music i've ever heard.

He's my favorite singer/songwriter, and he's a huge inspiration for many musicians today. Along with being a great songwriter, he was a skilled guitarist with perfectly pronounced finger picking patterns and a great sense of melody. I also really like his voice.

Favorite songs:
River Man
Things Behind The Sun
Way To Blue
Day Is Done
Pink Moon
Fruit Tree
One of the all time unheard legends, he dies so young with so much talent. Pink Moon is a work of absolute genius.
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Nick Drake was amaing, did some great stuff! If you dig his guitarplaying you should really check out Jose Gonzalez, who sounds somewhat similar.
Pink Moon is definatley one of his most accesible albums.

I like.
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Favorite songs:
River Man
Things Behind The Sun
Way To Blue
Day Is Done
Pink Moon
Fruit Tree

Really great to hear such a response to my thread. I think we should add three hours and cello song to the list as well though, theyre my personal favourite songs.
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It's just too bad that most of his songs are in impossible tunings. I'm only aware of 2 songs of his that use standard tuning: Day Is Done and Things Behind The Sun. Those also happen to be some of my favorites, i play them almost every time i pick up my guitar.

But most of the others... yesterday i played Harvest Breed and From The Morning. Great songs, relatively easy if you're used to fingerpicking. But they're in BEBEBE, such low-tuned strings play very awkwardly. And he doesn't stick to one or two alternate tunings, no, almost every song uses a different one.
easily one of my favourite artists. I like all of his albums but i think Pink Moon > Five Leaves Left > Bryter Layter. There's no way of describing the mixture of sadness and beauty in his songs - and it's a mix that i don't think can be found anywhere else.

If you absolutely love Nick Drake then you might be interested in Elliott Smith.....but PLEASE don't associate Nick Drake with Jose Gonzalez, i can't stand him.
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Yes, Nick Drake is probably my favourite artist. But I wouldn't reccomend Pink Moon as a first album to get. It's just a little heavy, not his most accesible album. Bryter Layter is actually my favourite album and probably his most up-beat. All three of his albums are amazing. My favourite songs are probably From the Morning, One of These Things First and Thoughts of Mary Jane.

I also can't see the connection between him and Elliott Smith, except for the obvious. Their music is quite different IMO. You should probably check out Vashti Bunyan if you like Nick Drake.
I love Nick Drake. Pink Moon is beastly good. I can understand the connection to Elliot Smith, as I love them both.
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Yea, Nick Drake was amazing. I only have Pink Moon, but Im getting Five leaves left in a few days. His songs on guitar are really cool.
Its a shame he died so young, I kinda associate him with Jeff Buckley lol, but I can see the link between him and Jose Gonzalez.

To someone above you mentioned the wierd tunings, I use a capo and that seems to match some of the tunings.