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I have saved up $4000 for music equipment and I have had my eye on an LP for a while. While looking around I encountered the Ibanez JS1200. I have not had much experience with Ibanez guitars and I was wondering if you could post some thoughts of the quality, reliability, etc. and what you guys think of the JS1200.

I play the AR100 myself and it is one of the best pieces of equipemtn I have ever bought. I've dented it a few times but it is still in fine working order. One thing I must say about Ibanez is their sound quality is amazing. I'm not an expert on pickups but from all the guitars I've played on Ibanez as well as PRS have been among the best sounding. I use my guitar mainly with high distortion and a little reverb and even when I'm cranking out loud ass guitar riffs each note is distinguishable. I would reccomend an Ibanez.
the Ibanez JS1200 is amazing, i have one. Its so easy to play and has a really nice sound to it. Its Joe satriani's guitar. The Quality is great and it is very reliable i will always keep with ibanez guitars.
iv been wanting to get an ibanez myself and from a real big joe satriani fan(me) i would completly recommend a js1200. for me that is my dream guitar.
I have a cheaper Ibanez Gio, and I reckon it was extremely good for its price (picked it up in a pack for bout $450 Aus)
Not sure on the Joe Satriani series, but i know that Ibanez are really good at making guitars
I think it is great. For the above mentioned reasons.
When i played it I didn't really like the neck, i thought it was based of a fender neck or something. but it just didn't have the spark.
Although i have to say that Ibanez makes some quality instrument but it also is alot of taste.
IMO you should go with an LP, they make some of the best mid-range guitars, but the higher priced ones aren't the best you can get.
i fell across a steve vai jem 555 a year ago and i haven't found anything to touch it, i haven't tried the 1200 but i hear its awesome !
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Fantastic guitar. Get it. NOW! Coil tapping, good humbuckers, responsive, great neck, sustain, could you want anything else?
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Well there are differnent aspects of ibanez guitars. The JS Is Good (Sorry GREAT) but it might not be what you need. we need more info on what music you play etc. Dont get me wrong Its really good but you can get better in specific areas of music.

Its got great feature like

coil tapping
Dimarzio PAF pickups
great neck and neck finish
Joe Satriani uses it
Its VERY VERY versatile
Its a prestige and you know the quality is there
And its Got the EDGE PRO bridge which is top notch.

But for Example if you play alot of metal and that heavier stuff i recommend a RGT Prestige

Anybody can say its great but it might not suit your needs.

But it is great.

And if your a Satch Fan like me and you wanna get his sound you have enough cash to get his amp aswell
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4000??? HOLY **** GET A IBANEZ J-CUSTOM it pwns any ibanez out there!!! And buy any Tube amp MESA,Marshall,Laney,ENGL whatever those high end brands you want!
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