Hello peeps,

I'm looking to buy a new guitar, have done a bit of research and am looking for some more advice before i go shopping (AGAIN!!!).
Current gear: Epiphone Les Paul Standard, Roland Cube 60 amp.

Budget: £700 maximum (700 UK pounds to those with dodgy keyboards)
I want a guitar with:
Thin neck
Decent pick-ups (passive)
Solid / decent construction (doesn't everyone?)
No trem

I play:
Grunge, Heavy Rock, Stoner, some Metal, some Indie. (QOTSA, Mastodon, RHCP, Biffy Clyro, ALice in Chains, Iron Maiden, Kyuss).
I primarily do rhythm guitar. I would also need to be able to play some songs clean, and have a good variety of tone, hence no active pick-up options.

I've already picked out that the SZ320, SZ520 or SZ720 might be good options, as well as the RGA121. I might try an Epiphone G400, but doesn't seem much of an upgrade from my current axe.
Any other recommendations? Bear in mind i'll want to try before i buy, but give me some ideas of other guitars to look out for.

Also: What the hell is the difference between SZ320, 520 and 720? as far as i can tell, they have the same pick-up's and body, but the higher end ones just have a nicer finish. Anyone with experience let me know. And don't just say "You won't regret getting 720 over a 320, it rocks", give me some real reasons/benefits/differences.

Thanks in advance
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i think the only differences in all the szs is the looks, im actually buying a 320 in black, it felt good and sounded awesome
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Cheers for the reply. Come on people!!

I tried the Sz320 quick a few days back. seemed good, but they didn't have any 520's or 720's, so couldn't make a comparison.
I haven't been able to find an RGA121 anywhere. Bloody england
i don't give a **** about combat18
320, 520, and 720 is the exact same thing with gradually improved cosmetics in that order.
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I'd pick the rga121. Um about the neck, I think its like a regular ibanez prestige rg neck but slightly thicker correct me if im wrong?
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