So im thinking of buying a fender telecaster but i need some advice. I was thinking of buying the standard (being the less expensive of all tele) and removing the neck pickup and routing out the pickup slot to fit a seymour duncan humbucker in there instead. now i know that there are telecasters that already come with the humbucker in the neck position but im on a budget and i also like the project. and seeings how i have the extra pickups why not. just wanted to know if this is a good iea or possibly the dumbest thing to do to a new guitar. plus if anyone ha done this type of modifying to their guitars and wanted to share in the advice of how and what they did to do it that would be cool.

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The only thing you'll need to change would be the pickguard on the tele, you won't need to router the slot in the wood bigger because it comes big enough to fit a Humbucker. I've done this on my Tele and it sounds pretty good.
well its up to you but if your going to do it yourself then just be careful and take your time dont wanna mess it up or damage the guitar or anything silly
it's pretty easy as long as the spot is routed out.

my squier tele neck wasnt, so i put in rails.
IMO, swapping out pups on a tele, is probably the easiest of all guitars.

the guard comes right off, unlike a strat. and the control panel comes up, unlike two vol LPs or rear cavity HH guitars.

if i wanted to, i couldve changed the bridge for an H hole bridge, and put one there too.
still a pretty easy mod, and u get a new bridge out of it.

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And I wouldn't do it to a new guitar...mainly because of the resale value and other stupid reasons. Buy a used one and tweak it.
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Or buy a cheap one and modify it.
I'm thinking about that too. I'm currently waiting for a cheap Tele to arrive. Then we'll see. First i think i'm going to have my fun with the Tele as it is, but later i'm thinking about a Bigsby and a humbucker in neck-position. When it comes routed, i'll go for it maybe.
I have been looking for used tele's but on ebay and i the store and everyone is selling them for like 300 to 400 bucks anyway so its basically like buying a new one. at least if i buy a new one i know it will work. but i hear what you are saying about resale and all. i guess i will keep my eye open for a cheaper used one.