Hey guys,

I'm starting to play more and more acoustic guitar, but the problem is that I have a reasonably low voice. At the moment my standard acoustic guitar is tuned to C, which is perfect for my range. The thing is that obviously that means the strings are pretty slack?

I know that most Baritone guitars are only done to A or B though.

What would you recommend for me? And by the way, are there many good Baritone acoustic stockists in the UK?
go with a heavy guage string - like a 13... what are you using now... try and go 2 guages heavier and you should be ok
Baritone guitars are great, but I'm not really sure why you need one because your voice is low?

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So I can sing everything within my range, if I just transpose the song down say two or three tones, it sounds identical, and I can sing it in the right octave, and it's in my range.
Well you can get a Baritone witch are a great guitar but if you don?t want to but a new guitar just get a heaver gauge string like bessey said.
It's hard to get all the way down to C on an acoustic even with 14's. A Baritone with extra light strings might work, or if you are interested I could make you something that is half way between and Baritone and a regular acoustic. That way you wouldn't have to comprimise the guitars tone by tuning it too high for a bariton and too low for a regular acoustic.

roamingbard is right tho, you don't *need* to tune your guitar lower. You could just transpose the music to a key that works better for you.
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I suppose so, yes point taken. I kinda like the growl I get with downtuning though - I mainly do acoustic covers of punk/hardcore/emo songs, and so the bassiness gives it an edge.

Just out of interest, how much would you charge for building that guitar? Where are you located by the way?
I'm in Newtown Wales. My guitars start at 1,000 (GBP) for rosewood or mahogany with high grade spruce tops. If you want materials that cost less, or if you provide your own materials then the price could be less, if you want materials that cost more then the price goes up. My guitars cost less than comparable Martins and Taylors.

I've got a very nice cocobolo back and side set that I have been saving for myself. For 1,500 I could make you a really nice cocobolo guitar and I could use schaller D-tuner banjo pegs so you could change from your drop tuning to standar tuning midsong if you want. 1,500 might seem like a lot but the D-tuners cost 240 per set and the cocobolo costs me about 3 times as much as rosewood so I will actually get less money for this deal. Consider this your UG discount... If you are interested...
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Didn't figure you would. I just thought I would throw it out there.
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Thanks so much anyway though, it was very kind to offer. Maybe I'll take you up on it when I have more cash
LOL, Thats Cord saying...

"Wow, thats a neat idea...but I don't have time to do it for myself, so lets find a customer"

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hey chris, do you do inlay work?


getting a baritone guitar because you think your vocal range is too low for a regular acoustic is the lazyman's way out. i'm not against getting a baritone guitar, i just don't think you should play one exclusively for your given reasons.
Another off topic question...do you have a baritone guitar, Jim? I know you like Dave a bit so thought you might have one...

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
Quote by jimtaka
hey chris, do you do inlay work?

I do it when I need to but I don't like doing it so I haven't really gotten good at it. I hope to someday be able to get all snooty and say "I only buld guitars for real musicians and real musicians don't wan't a bunch of shell on their guitar" but I'm not to a point where I can say that yet, so untill then I'll have to keep doing inlay work and not like it.
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haha naw man i was just talking about putting some fret markers on my beater guitar. my friends that are trying to learn to play via me are always bitching about it not having markers because they can't tell where anything is... but i'm not really interested in playing any of my nicer guitars while drinking in their garage all night.