i've read many times that it takes a long time to get "your tone" from a mesa. they don't look like they have any more adjustment controls than say an engle powerball. but i havne't heard anybody say that engls take a long time to find its tone.

what gives?
Mesa Boogies are unique because they develop their tone treble-centricly. That means not only does your treble control make the biggest difference in the sound, it also controls what kind of impact your bass and mid adjustments will have. Also, the Mark series uses a switchable graphic EQ. They also have a lot of switching and push/pull knobs to shift tonal emphasis, while others are only meant to be used during low-volume playing. And don't forget the fact that with most Boogies you can use 2 or 3 different types of power tubes in various combinations. Needless to say, it took me quite some time to find the "right" sound with my Boogie. I've also noticed that Boogies are really responsive to different types of pickups, which is good and bad - bad because if you go from singles to hums or back, you'll probably need to make some EQ adjustments to get *your* sound.
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the word going around is that the mesa is so versatile that small incremental changes make big differences. with a engl you just gain it up and fiddle with the eq to get a metal tone cause it really is designed for metal (don't deny it).

that's the word going out, but supposedly you could just scoop your mids and crank the gain and have a usuable metal tone surely.

edit: guy above me posted a real answer compared to my answer based on forum speculation.
ive noticed with my boogies even switching from gibson alnico pickups to duncan loaded guitars i have to do some slight eq shifts, they are really really responsive to pickups i dont have a single coil strat so ive never tried that but i imagine it would cause alot changes, but could also offer some great tones too
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Depends on the mesa. The F, Nomad, Rectifier, and Heartbreakers will sound good in any position, thats teh way tube amps should work. It took me about 2 minutes to get a good tone out of my mesa, then about 6 weeks to realize i should adjust it differently, its all a matter of taste.
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