Hi everyone, latley I've been considering a new amp. And I laid my eyes upon the Hughes & Kettner Edition Blu 60 Combo. I was wondering if anyone has had previous experience with this amp? The thing I am most concerned with are its cleans, and if it accepts effects well. I play mostly Funk/Jazz/Funk Rock/Blues. If this wouldnt be a fitting amp for my styles, is there another one anyone can suggest for 500 or under?

Oh and this will be used for home practice, and maybe a coffee house gig or two.

Thank you for any feedback.
I have it, it's cleans absolutely rock for its price. If you crank the clean channel, it'll start to break up a bit, similar to a tube amp. I play a single-coil guitar through it and the sound is nice and shiny. It's got a good reverb, too. I haven't used much effects with it, but it is said to take them nicely. If cleans are your main thing, this amp rocks. It's lead channel is not that good at all, it sounds kind of thin. But maybe it's just my guitar :/