Was wondering if you guys could help me out... i have a Line6 POD v2.0 and a Marshall MG15CDR.... This amp is really awful but the POD is great. However im looking for a new amp!!!

I was just wondering if any of you had any great amps that you would recommend!!!

well you got the pod, and i take it ure pretty satisfied with it right now. get an atomic amp. they're little tube amps that are designed to get the most out of your pod. they're aren't the highest in wattage (18 watts tube) but that's probably enough for small venues, and any larger you're probably micing up right?

Well my school has an old 120w Trace Elliot Valve 'Tramp' amp (you read correctly) which is used for gigs in the main hall, and that's amazing ,loud too.

What sort of price range are you looking at, and SS or valve?
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