I have a tune for review. Just go to the link, and take a listen to "Crusade Across the Countryside". I would like to know:

1) What you think of the quality of the recording
2) What could be changed/fixed/added to in order to make it better
3) What is the worst parts
4) What is the best parts

You rock but please get some decent drumming into it cos its the same drum line over and over again or put in a louder guitar to cover the drumming!!!! other than that it rocks and its now my profile song!!!! ^_^
1) The recording is pretty good, there's not much I would change. Pretty sweet.
2) Some varying drumlines, a killer hook or two
3) The worst part is that there's not really a killer rhythm that gets stuck in my head, I don't think I'll remember this song.
4) It's metal, you can headbang to it.

Master of Puppies