Hey everyone, need your opinions here.
I don't know whether I should buy either:
Epiphone Zakk Wylde Signature Les Paul and replace the pickups with EMG-81 and 85s, or buy the Epiphone Les Paul Custom "Midnight" guitar (which already has EMG-81s)?

Zakk Wylde:

get the Midnight... much better looking than the Zakk Wylde and it already have the EMG 81 & 85 Pups that you wanted... again GET THE MIDNIGHT!
Midnights cool, but Zakk Wylde is cooler
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Are you Zakk Wylde? If not, I'd go with the other one. Chances are you will only make the ZW one look bad.
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Midnights cool, but Zakk Wylde is cooler

zakk wylde and cool dont fit in the same sentence! LAWL!
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Personally, I'd go for the midnight. It already has the pickups you want, and it's actually worth the money, rather than the extra $100 or so that Zakk gets out of the price of every Epi ZW guitar sold. Of course, there's also the premium Epiphone put on the guitar because it's a sig model...
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The mightnight looks better, and will sound better without the p'up change, cos you already have the ones you want....I think that looks cool! I hadn't seen the midnight before
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zakk wylde and cool dont fit in the same sentence! LAWL!

Someone needs to listen to Book of Shadows.

Anyway, go with the midnight.
Custom Midnight FTW. Definately what I would get it, if I had a choice.
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Go with the midnight
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