Does anyone happen to know the cheapest website to find an

American Standard Stratocaster

So far ive found £645 and £679 but a lot of companies aren't on these price runner things, if anyone knows of a cheaper one please let me know and i will be your friend forever .


Ps - it needs to be a UK website.
i'm in the process of looking for same so would although i wuz told a jap strats are better, is that true? and if so are they much dearer
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i dont have a strat, i have a les paul, but there is nothing wrong with strats, they are very versatile and i like the necks too, so dont listen to wiggy, and wiggy if you are going to tell him not to get one you might want to back it up with a reason
Gak.co.uk have it for £629.00, not much of a saving but £20 is £20 and its better in your pocket (as long as you dont go for a fancy finish, in which case its +80 for 3 colour sunburts and +80 for butterscotch)