i have a crybaby 535q and i notice that when playing it, it takes a very light/short step to achieve a full sweep. i find tt this limits my ability to use the sweep on this pedal as its range can be so wide, so to get to a certain level on the sweep, an agonizingly precise amount of force has to be used when stepping on the pedal. how do i get about this problem?

and are there any lessons/suggestions on how to incorporate wah into one's music? yea i know practice is the key and stuff but im wondering what direction to channel my practice ie what songs i should practise with and how. thanks
press right on the very end of it to get the best out of it.
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Is there a fine tuner knob? I know on the Weeping Demon there is a tuner that lets you adjust the maximum frequency for when the board is fully depressed.