I just covered antoher song.
This time it's Ben Harpers Walk Away.
lovely song.
The link can be found in my Signature.

Please check it out and let me know what you think about.


PS: If you want me to crit your work too, leave me the link.
Lovely work on this. I'm not familar with the original so I can't compare the two but on its own its very good. It's very subdued and the vocals sound great! Were the guitars and vox recorded together? Sounds like it. Cool tune and well done IMO!
thanks for the crit
and yeah i did vocals/guitar at the same time. Makes it easier for me to sing =D, i find it hard putting feelings in a song when i don't play guitar at the same time, dont ask me why =p
I have to say the same about this one as in Wet Sand, it's just amazing.
I have neither listenned to the original song, but i'm sure it can't be a big difference between yours and the original one.

Great job man
This is a great rendition of a great song. Very nicely done. (I have heard the original)
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Nice job.. i havent heard the original either, but you have a really nice voice, good playing too.
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nice voice.. good guitar. awsome man
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this is pretty good, its not 10/10, the vocals lack some emotion or just the ben harper fluidity, but with a little work on the vocals, this could be a 10/10 but i give you some credit because this isnt an easy. You kinda cheated in a couple places where he uses falsetto and your afraid to go up there because your probably lacking the confidence right now. I think you should TRY to record seperate tracks so you can try over and over again over the guitar. I do however understand what you mean about the feeling while actaully playing.. not bad, could use some work, but its not an easy song.. nj