I've been playing my electric guitar for a couple of months now, and me chuffing cable copped it last night. I need a new one, and all I know is that gold plated tips are a good choice. Can someone give me more tips? I'm sick of playing without an amp!
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no monster cable.

gold plated is overrated, you wont notice a difference.

thats my 2 cents.
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I tried out a few different guitar cables, all from Musicians Friends. Their tweed covered cable is really cheap, something like $6 for 10-foot. It is okay for home use, the ends look to be more fragile than the others I've used.

I also used Pro Co Lifelines, which is more expensive at $16 for 10-foot. This is a much better made cable. Whether it's worth almost 3x as much is up to you, but it is to me. The cable has a very durable jacket and the ends are of a better quality.

A cable that really surprised me is AP Audio Fat Jacks, at $8 for a 12-foot cable. This cable is thicker than the others, but its jacket is made from a very supple material, almost like silicone jacket used by high end wires. The ends are also very sturdy feeling and are gold plated.

These days, I practice mostly with the ProCo wire, and occasionally go to the MF Tweed 20' cable when I need its longer length. If I were to buy things again, I would still get the 10 foot ProCo, and a 18-foot length of Fat Jacks for $10.
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CBI will do you fine, they're a great low cost cable, voodooamps.com has some awesome cables and many users claim they are better than any planet waves or monster cables, I use the vodoo cables and thy really are amazing, great clear tone, and about five dollars cheaper than planet waves!
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^I thought he was asking for guitar cables

Go with Planet Waves cables.
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I just bought Planet waves with the short switch, really nice.
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