i was wondering weather peavey is a good make for bass? cos i bought 1 off my m8 n i dont know muck bout guitars so can sum1 explain and compair to other makes?
my first geuss would be no. however it depends what model, how much it costs etc.
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its good for a first bass but i thought the sound always came through really thin when i compared it with my next bass
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what bass did you get?(modelwise), i like mine, it has a nice thin neck and pretty good sound.

i have the milestone 3 too, its a good starter bass ,and i agree, it does have a nice slim neck too
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my first "real" bass, was a Peavey, and i loved it. Peavey has always been in the top
two, of the "most bang for the buck" list. generally speaking, their designs have stayed as close to Fender, as the law would allow. Peavey is an excellent choice, for a beginner, to intermediate player. mine was a Peavey T-40 bass. it had a in/out of phase switch, also known as a series/parallel switch, exactly like the "new", S-1 switch, recently offered by Fender. that was 1975.

i am not trying to imply that Peavey is not "pro" grade. they build some awsome basses, and their "high end" is just that. very nice.
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Any peavey amp that has more than a 30 watt output and a good sized speaker kicks ass.
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Ah, the Milestone. I myself have never owned one, though I have played it. It was a decent bass, though more of a beginner bass. You certainly sound like a beginner, so its probably good for you. But the sound is quite thin and trebly, and since I like more of a rooty/bassy sound, then I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have.
Well at least you didn't get yourself a Rogue. I"ve played a PEAVEY before,yeah.the neck is
slim and i think the fretboard is kinda smooth (i've got no idea what to call it)..but now i'm
more used to my SX.
peavey's are great instruments. i got a millenium bxp and i'd have to think its a bit better than the milestone.

i think personally peavey instruments are better than any squier, almost all low end ibanez, and some of their higher end basses are very similar to modulus flea bass, cept ive never tried a mod flea bass to compare.

they're a great choice for anyone. my second bass probably will be a peavey (or fender).
ive played milestones, and they suck. i'd put them in the same nitch as squiers. havent played the higher ends, they actaully look pretty nice.
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