I searched for a thread on this album but couldn't find one. What do you guys think of his new album...?

I used to hate John Mayer as much as anyone. I thought he was pretentious and annoying decent guitar player at the most. Regardless, I gave Continuum a few listens. Honestly, it is now one of my favorite albums.

I am not a fan of those heartfelt acoustic songs that guys like him have done, mostly because I am more positioned in Blues and Jazz. John Mayer does the blues and jazz sound here flawlessly while keeping the pop sensibilities of his earlier albums. It's a triumph in that sense, because the album gives an overall feel of that's where he belongs. This is the more intimiate, soulful version of Eric Clapton for the new millennium. It also shows John can stand toe to toe with neo-blues guys like Derek Trucks while being a major mainstream contender. And more importantly,with this album he leaves his peers, like Jack Johnson, Gavin Degraw, and Daniel Powter, in the dust. I'm so convinced of this album's brilliance, that I believe this album may even come to mark a turning point for the popular music scene.

Listen to Heart of Life, In Repair, Slow Dancing In a Burning Room. Most of the songs on the album are some of the best songs i've ever heard, seriously.
First of all i love the album because i'm a John Mayer fan. But I know that it is such a breakthrough album in the music industry because of the new age feel to it that all of his old "Your Body Is A Wonderland" fan's now listen to and now love. I was talking to one of my freinds (a 17 year old girl) who listens to the usual Yellowcard, Dashboard stuff, and has always listened to John Mayer. And although it isnt her type of music, she still loves every single song.

I also think its going to be a great success because of all the work he put into it. He worked with Herbie Hancock, Eric Clapton, Ben Harper, Kanye West, and many more just to get a feel of different styles of music, and to incorporate it into his own. It's not one style of music, its a hybrid of many different styles. The album in my mind is a great success.

Favorite song: Beleif
I just would like him to do an all blues/jazz album like I know he can, I am sure he is under pressure from his label to have at least a couple mtv like singles so maybe he will do it someday.
Only one person i know likes him, and he literally gets attacked at the slightest mention of John Mayer. He has been offering to burn everyone the album but no one has accepted despite his insistence that Mayer has gone more blues. You've convinced me to at least check it out.
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Slow Dancing in a Burning room or whatever is pretty ****in cool. I loved his Blues Trio band, Try! is a much better cd than this. Its stilla bit too poppy for my taste
hes right^^^ this is an amazing album...i personally love all his music and dont see what is wrong with one person playing different genres but regardless, Continuum is truly a breath-taking album in which you can sense the passion and heartfelt emotion through. i love all of his work and truly idolize him as a musician and hes also a really good guy, my brother has met him...anyways get the album...you will not be dissappointed...get it now

I just got the new album, I dont like it, sounds nothing like his older stuff.
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im so glad to see Mayer getting the respect he deserves from knowledgable music fans. I have been a fan for a long time because I saw through the "Body is a Wonderland" when i heard him play "Lenny" on his live disc. He is truly a great muscian (songwriter and instrumentalists) and has staying power that is rare among artists these days. by the way... Continuum owns.