i have an epiphone les paul special (yeah i know- but i really love the guitar). however i dont love the tuners. at all. theyre a piece of crap to be quite honest.

so i bought new grovers and they came today. however- my problem is this:

i took the old tuners out and tried to put the new ones in, but, when i tried to, the tuners appear to be too large. the bit that comes out of the guitar came out fine but the metal piece that runs through the headpiece's diameter is too thick to fit through- obviously causing a problem. i was told that tuning heads are sized as standard.

help me pleeeease =[
From what I seen they are not all a standard size. The best thing to do would be to have a local shop enlarge the holes in the headstock. A simple procedure that you can do yourself if you have access to a drillpress.