I'm a guitar player who records at home through a Pod, but I'm looking to gig as both a guitarist and a bassist.

If I get 2 cabinets (a guitar cab and a bass cab), is there anything out that I could use to power either (not at the same time of course). I'd rather buy 2 cabs, than 2 heads or 2 combos.

Has anyone ever tried a Crate PowerBlock through a bass cabinet?
just get a cab badass enoguf to handle bass and guitar
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just get a cab badass enoguf to handle bass and guitar

I'm looking for a head or power amp that can handle bass and guitar, not a cab.
Nor can you.... ^^

Anyway, a bass head and cab will always be able to handle a guitar too. You won't get any distortion but the tone on a bass head is general better. Always use a bass cab but a 8x10 with a tweeter would make a good one.
I'd have to say a bass head and then use bi amping to go through both cabinets on bass, and do the same for guitar.

You could probly get distortion on bass heads if you tried, but if anything, you might want to get some effects going on to get you the distortion you need otherwise.
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Wouldn't the guitar sound... crappy... through a bass amp though ?

Actually, not always. My bass amp has a great clean guitar sound. But it only does that one sound, any in built distotion will probably suck for guitar, and it might not be very loud.
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i believe that ashdown makes a head thats bass and guitar capable
i think its considered a bass head
but yeah
your going to need pedals for any distortion.
and keith richards played through an ampeg
Check around for an old Traynor YBA-3 or the YBA-3A Super

Excellent bass and guitar heads, the YBA-3A has a 200watt rating, but its actually upwards of 400 watts. Runs on TV Tubes...weird..

Other then that, you can run guitar through just about any bass amp, but if its a decent bass amp, you won't get any real distortion.
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FYI I believe Josh Homme (guitarist from QOTSA/Kyuss) uses bass amps.
i just remembered. keith richards played through an ampeg. so a bass head should be fine