My Neck tone pot has been very strange as of late. If i turn it to 0, it sometimes goes to woman tone, sometimes barely knock any treble off or do nothing at all. When i turn it back to 10, it also has the similar effect of either doing nothing or barely putting the treble back on.

Is there something wrong with the pot? How much do new pots cost in the UK?
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Sounds like it's dirty. You might be able to clean it out.
It depends where you get it from, if you order them from the internet, they can be much cheaper. Some stores sell them for far too much, like Gibson parts for 15 bucks a pot. Yeaaaaah right imma pay that.
What kind of guitar is it?
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Probably would need 250K pots, assuming they're single coils.
I'd go to stewmac.com and check out their options.