I have two vintage pickups from about 1975, one is a Seymour Duncan JN-M Jazz Neck pickup, the other is a stock Gibson humbucker. They came out of my 1975 Les Paul. They have gold covers, the Seymour Duncan is cream underneath, the Gibson I did not unsolder. The covers are not pristine but the creme seymour duncan looks new underneath. I'm selling these and want to know how much they are worth.
Pickups don't really hold their value as well as guitars and amps AFAIK, even if they are from the 70s... This is just me that's never heard any hype about vintage pickups though, so I may be wrong
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Yeah, it's hard to determine because pickups can lose magnet strength, or be in need of a rewinding.
You never know, I see people selling 70's capacitors on eBay for ridiculous prices.
These pickups are in pretty good condition, they don't need rewinding or anything. And I've seen gibson pickups from the mid-70's go for anywhere from $150 to over $300 so these are not worthless.

So how about this, if you were a gibson collector how much would you pay for the ~1975 Gibson les paul pickup, with relic gold cover and cream frame?