I'm thinking about buying a Jackson KVX10 for Christmas, I've been having lessons for a year and I currently own a Marshall Strat Copy which pisses me off hardk0re because it can't handle metal, or even hard rock. It's only £295 on GAK.co.uk which is far cheaper than I've seen in other places.

What sayeth thee O wise guitar players?
Its not bad, but would you rather start off on something cheap then get something loads better? i think thats more benficial in the long run
I wouldn't get a bolt-on V. Set necks are much better for that body shape for sure.
It's one of the worst low end guitars I've ever played, if I'm honest. An appallingly bad floyd rose (goes out of tune after one moderate divebomb) and the upper fret access is horrible.
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for the price you can do way better.
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What metal/rock guitars would you guys reccomend as it seems that one does seem to be the best.

My max budges it pretty much around £400.
Do you really want a Floyd Rose system on? These are some suggestions
- Any of ESP 400 series and above (No trem)
- ESP MH400/M400
- Ibanez S-Series
- Ibanez RG321MH (No Trem)
- Ibanez SZ series (No Trem)
- Ibanez Iceman series

But first and foremost, what amp are you using now? if they're crap, then i suggest you look for an amp 1st.
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