Does anyone own one of these? I played an ESP Eclipse the other day at the guitar store and absolutely loved it. As the ESP is a bit pricey I was thinking of ordering the LTD version. The store unfortunately didnt have an LTD version to try out and I was wondering mostly what kind of neck was on the LTD version.

The ESP's neck seemed quite thin and flat. Somewhat similar to my Ibanez prestige. Does the LTD have a generally thin flat neck?
Yeah, it has a very nice neck. Really easy to play. You should still try one out if you can though, even if it's just an EC400
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I actually did try a lower model LTD EC guitar, it may have been the EC400 but it was just ok. I played it for about 15-20mins and just put it back on the rack.
Ive got it.
I love it.
Tis a beautiful guitar.
I find the neck really nice to play and i love the short scale length which is so nice on my tiny little hands
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I played an LTD EC-1000 once. I really really liked it but decided to buy an amp instead of the guitar. It's pretty damn nice for what you pay, go for it. It's not going to be an Eclipse, but its the second best thing to it
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