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Ibanez RG2570
5 50%
Ibanez S470QM
3 30%
Jackson DK2M
2 20%
0 0%
Voters: 10.
Alright I've been posting, reseaching you name it, and just find shopping for a new guitar extremely frustating as many of you all may know yourselves.

Eventually I want to get a nice hardtail, but for right now the more I think about it I feel that a trem model will be something I can use more of. I enjoy playing melodic death (The Absence, Kalma, Dark Tranquility) Tech. Death like Necrophagist, I also enjoy power metal (3 Inches of Blood & Maiden) along with some Melodic Thrash - Astral Gates, Quo Vadis...just stuff like that

All that being said, and after MUCH research I've narrowed it down to these guitars:

Ibanez RG2570 - http://www.ibanez.com/guitars/zoom/RG2570EVSL.jpg
Ibanez S470QM - http://www.ibanez.com/guitars/zoom/S470DXQMNF.jpg
Jackson DK2M - http://www.drumcityguitarland.com/inventory/images/2297.jpg
ESP M-II (I'd have to pick one up used though, and I'm little nervous about this) http://cgi.ebay.com/ESP-M-II-Deluxe-Electric-Guitar_W0QQitemZ220027856429QQihZ012QQcategoryZ33038QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem


Only things I'm unsure of are the neck widths and radius. Currently, I'm using a RG270 so obviously it has a Wizard II on it. However, I've never played a Jackson of any kinds, but it looks like the Dinky models have the thinnest necks and I'm sure the M-II is pretty thin as well. I like thin, but I'm not sure if the prestige model would be TOO thin or not for me. My hands are 7" inches from the bottom of my palm to the tips of my middle fingers with skinny to average size fingers, if that helps anyone.

I will add however that the Jackson DK2M, has a pretty decent trem on it from what I've read, and that they've put steel base plates in them, whatever that means, obviously makes something stronger

I also hear they can be retrofitted with OFR's should that time ever come.
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I recently bought an Ibanez S470 (second hand! woot!) and I find it very nice to play, it can easily suit your style, and the neck is pretty much just right. Its not too thin, but its thin enough to allow easy playing (with slightly bigger hands than yours). Nice guitar, I would definitely recommend one.
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All those guitars are at least pretty good.

Out of those, id definately go for the M-II or the 2570......

The Jackson isnt to bad, but its lacking a good trem, and to me the neck didnt feel to comfortable, and jackson's huge access joint doesnt help much either... the stock SD pickups didnt impress me when i played this guitar.

The s470 is excellent, but it lacks 24 frets, if that doesnt matter to you go for it.

The 2570 has the prestige neck, which is brilliant ,comfortable and thin, apart from the original wizard its my favorite neck. The stock pickups are really good imo, much better than the SD's that came with the jackson, but not quite up to par with true dimarzios'...... The EDGE PRO trem is THE BEST trem out there imo... And it has an All access neck joint......

The ESP is excellent as well...... OFR, sexy maple neck, decent sized not to thin not to thick..... I definately dig that esp..... it to has a standard neck joint, but its not real bulky and a decently contoured neck at the end.... plus i love the H/S set up...

Personal preference when it comes down to the ibanez's or esp.. Steer from the jackson, or at least i would....
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First I would recommend that you try all these guitars and buy one based on 'feel' and instinct, and if that dosn't work get the RG2570. It's a very nice metal guitar when pusch comes to shove.
Classic Axe, you you said that the M-II would be at least as thin as a Wizard II neck or is it a little thicker?
^ Prolly bout the same as the wizard 2, but i cant verify.

1mm isnt to much of abig difference......

i have pretty decent size hands, and i like the feel of my wizard17mm more than my prestige18mm'

to each his own
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