How do i add an led to this schem

i think that i add it some where before the battery but i am not shure
you need one LED, one 3PDT switch (instead of that DPDT) and roughly a 4k7 resistor. i cant remember how exactly to wire it, somone else can tell you that, but thats what you need.
well you can if you want to sacrifice true bypass, or you can add a millenium bypass system, but then you need more components etc, but that does give you LED and true bypass with a DPDT
ive never managed to get true bypass to work with LEDs so ive always not bothered. I want to use the ones with the MOSfets, but it never bloody works.

Which one is c, b and e?

This might help threadstarter if someone answers.
is there an easier way of doing this i dont know what true bypass is so i dont think it will matter much

lmao im such a complete n00b lmao
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true bypass helps retain tone while the pedal is off and they have a bunch of diagrams on how to add a LED on generalguitargadets.com ill het a link
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