Not sure the proper name on these... mid size pedals that record loops and playback. I need one capable of looping at least three, and possibly more loops.

Russian Circles was doing some crazy things with these last night, and I feel the need to add one to my set-up.

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They're called phrase samplers or loop pedals.

I use an akai headrush. It rules. You can daisy chain them to get more loops running. You can lay down a phrase, lay over the top, and then drop back to the original phrase. The possibilities are limitless, plus the delay is really cool.

There's an Electro Harmonix looper. I can't remember what it's called off hand.

Since you're looking to record multiple loops, I think you might like the Boomerang.

Maybe check out the Boss Loop Station.
Boss Maybe? RC-50?


They make a smaller one (The size of a Standard Boss Pedal) and can apparently hold up to 11 Phrases but it looks to me like the RC-50 would give you more control during songs and I don't know how long each phrase can be on the RC- 2 (It says 16 minutes total and It can hold 11 Phrases)

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