Ive researched for a while now different ideas to get better to learn solo's. My fingers are getting faster but my technique isnt getting better as i need to train it up. I was wondering if anyone can tell me methods that have worked for you, to increase your technique for soloing. Thanks
different scales, or just mess with major and minor scales. bending, harmonics, slides, vibrato, and plain speed. takes a while.
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practice simple walkdown and walkup riffs constantly, you have to train your fingers to hit the notes cleanly and strongly before you can get to the next speed
just lern solo's...a bunch of them...and u will easily get better with ur technique...take it from the pro's...oh and lern solos from all sorts of genres of music...from jazz to metal ..thats how u get really good...good luck
A lot of riffs i know i can play them pretty fast, faster than they should be played, if i did this with solo's, learnt them slowly and sped them up gradually do you think i would get better at that solo coz my fingers would be used to it, or do you think i would improve with other solo's i do.
IF you really want technique like if you want to be a disciplined player you should try learning some jazz stuff. Some of those guys can shred better than some of the best metal guitaristts
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I practice the same solo pattern all over the neck. I guess that means playing it at a different root note or what not. I find it helpful in getting to play all strings and varying fret distances.

I also learn the solo as simply as possible, skipping notes if necessary, just to learn it and play it at normal speed and correct phrasing without making mistakes. Then I gradually add in stuff like the missing notes, bends, vibrato, scratches, mutes, and etc.

On other thing, I alternate between looking at my left hand, to looking away and just play by feel alone. It's a different experience and feeling my way around the strings have helped me correct a lot of mistakes I've been making.
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How about learning the theory behind the solo??? Do you know anything about theory or not? If you do know some theory then you could start playing some legato. Even doing scales with legato playing improves your speed and technique. And your knowledge of the guitar overall. If you don't know anything about theory then there;s lots of lessons on this site that can help you.
If you're looking to learn to play specific solos, GuitarPro has an amazing feature where you can select the measures from the song you're trying to learn, loop them, and have them progressively get faster with each loop. It's called the "Speed Trainer." It's amazing.
make your technique faster and more efficient, try to execute hammerons, pulloffs, bends, vibratos ec with more efficiency and eventually velocity
a real good lesson (and i know some of you might flame me for this, but its true really), is to play Santana's songs... the reason i say this is.. it basically uses the minor pentatonic scales alot, it not hard to play by ear, it carries alot of feel to it, and is a great stepping stone in my opinion. it basically gives you an idea of where to put little riffs, licks n so on.. heres some songs i suggest you try working on... try it u'll see wat i mean

Santana = Love of My Life(dave matthews), Put your lights on(everlast), Corazon Espinado(Mana), both songs with michelle branch

it may sound lame to at first, but try it.. it really helps give you a basic feel for soloing
Learn some musical theory, modes and scales, and learn some solo's you really like and analyse them. What good is learning all the scales and all the modes if you haven't a clue in the world on how to use them..
The more solos u learn the better u can improvise....

being a guitarist is about improvising and being able too pull off something..

if u join a new band and u cant sorta improvise, u will b stuck on ur old bands songs and suk...

Learn some good solos....


Smoke on the water(a pretty bluesy solo)
Welcome to the jungle
Sweet Child of mine
and AC/DC
Thunderstruck (intro only)
Dirty Deeds (solo)
METALLICA: ENTER SANDMAN - the finally real good improvision solo


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Smoke on the water(a pretty bluesy solo)
Hot damn. It's about time someone realizes there's more to that song than just that damn riff.