Blue mics=studio=expensive for home use.
Get a Shure SM57/8, itll last longer. Blue mics ar usually condenser ones (couldnt check your link) and condenser mics are VERY fragile, and practically useless for a gig where your gonna be jumpin around. One fall, and its dead. Shures last forever!
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Well all i have right now is a crappyu webcam mic, what would i have to put an SM57 through to my computer? I don't need GREAT quality, but i do want quality that doesn't ruin the song or make me cringe
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that snowball is like $160, you can get an interface like this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/MAudio-MobilePre-USB-Portable-Audio-Interface?sku=701368
(or something similar) and a cheap condenser mic if its only going to be in your bedroom/studio. But going this route is a little more expensive but it will let you record two inputs at once, so you can have a guitar plugged in as well...
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