Rare Used Ampeg SVT-808HE Bass Cabinet for sale. Minor scratches on vinyl, in great working condition. Comes with a Yamaha Pre-Amp and a Peavey CS 800 Stereo Power Amp. Both Pre-Amp and Power Amp need work. Must sell, no reasonable offer refused. Pictures available upon request.

Of course I'm going to see how it sounds before I buy it. Is $400 too fishy or right on?
although i have never seen this cab design, by Ampeg. if its real, $400 is about right.
the SVT 8x10" cabs run about $600 used, around here. this cab model is not listed in my books, but i have seen Ampeg cabs with very unusual configurations before. i say,
offer $300, and see what they say. you might get it for $350. good luck.

be sure it sounds ok. all amp companies experiment with designs. only the good ones, survive the years.