This is a new song that I just wrote last night, its pretty much just a main melody, but I think its a great melody, and completely original, I can't think of anything that sounds like it, its a kind of mixture of folk and psychedelia, give it a listen... no words yet, but its a weird 3/4 timing so words are going to be kind of difficult at the moment. Also, feel free to check out an older song that I wrote, a simple blues tune that I like to call "Highway Blues", as I thought of it while I was driving down the highway.

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Blue Hilltops and Yellow Skies is strange... it's like you said, a mix of folk and psychadelic. It's weird, so I don't think I should decide what I think until I get used to it.

Highway Blues is more straight blues, and I like that one. The recording quality on both isn't exactly stellar, but it's not too bad. Over all, it's pretty nice for listening to on a warm september afternoon.

G'day mate.
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Haha, thanks man. The one thing that I think really stands out in the first track though that really makes me love it are the bass licks (although they are kinda inaudible).
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The times they are a-changin'
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intersting, i like it so far. the drums, i like them. they kinda make me laugh a little, but in a good way. kinda short, i think you can make it longer, but really no complaints.
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Yeah its just part of the song, but awesome I'm glad that people like it.
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The times they are a-changin'