Ok guys here is the first hour of ten of my take on steve vais ten hour work out hope you enjoy

i m r p
d u d u

ok see excersise above

this is a simple example of a linear picking excersise which we will start with

play each note as a quaver or 1/8 note each note should be even in lenght use alternate picking through out and the correct fingers (i= index m=middle r=ring p=pinkie) and alternate picking (d=down u= up)
simple eh?
well make sure that your i finger maintains contact with the string till the pinkie frets it note
start with a metronome set to 60 bpm and play each note for each beat ie one per second then speed up gradually

these lessons build speed through technique so do it right or not at all

EX 2
i m r p i m r p
d u d u d u d u etc etc


i m r p p r m i
d u d u d u d u




ok heres the full exercise i play
tips for this are
1) keep timing even even in jump between strings
2)play throuugh a clean amp nice and loud so you can hear your mistakes
3) speed up gradually
4)dont worry about the lack of 'tunefullness' this is a chromatic excersise

so there it is guys enjoy ill be back next week with part two
Quote by Sirnogbert
...Damn you.
'well make sure that your i finger maintains contact with the string till the pinkie frets it note' - Explain why. (and then maybe explain why you should be effecient in anchoring each finger aswell as lifting them up as the next one comes down).

Here you've said.. 'play each note as a quaver or 1/8' and then after that said 'play each note for each beat' - Make your mind up..

'start with a metronome set to 60 bpm' - Why 60pbm? If the aim of this tutorial is to build and encourage speed by playing it correctly, you'll find that most people will have to go below 60bpm in order to have enough awareness of their fingers to actually get anything from practicing it.

Perhaps you could substitute saying that with something like... 'The speed at which you can nail the passage every single time, perfectly and smoothly, without stress and without strain, is your practice speed'.

'Speed up gradually' - How much? 10bpm? 5bpm? 2bpm? Elaborate and say why.

'Do it right or not at all.' - How is the reader supposed to know if they're doing it right if they don't know what 'right' is.

Use code tags! Your tabs look messy and all over the place.. see how pretty code makes them look?

([I]Try something similar to this[/I])

  I M R P...
  D U D U...

I = Index.
M = Middle.
R = Ring.
P = Pinky.

D = Downstroke.
U = Upstroke.

If you don't elaborate on some of your points it's a really short lesson without much content, and you could get more by typing 'Guitar excercise' into Google.

If you give a lot more information and explain the points you're making - after you've compiled all ten hours, it might be worth a read and more beneficial than 'Play this for ten hours' with no real guidance, kind of throwing people in the water and hoping they can swim.