My brother got some money for his birthday and he was gonna buy the Clyde McCoy but its out of stock like everywhere. OK, so are there any other good alternatives to the Vox Clyde McCoy wah? Or should I just tell him to wait.
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meh, the mccoy is known for reliaability problems. try the 847 instead.

idk, but i like buddahs.

also, if yer frend is a RHCP freak, maybe try ebay for that Ibanez Wh-10 wah he uses.
Ebay has 'em, every once in a while.
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Go to the site and find a local dealer and call them ,my closest dealer was a 8hr drive away, I got one well worth it.
If not go to www.thegearpage.net and look at the pedals emporium, if not go to analogman.com
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god damn, did anyone else listen to the soundclip for that Teese Real McCoy Custom? not only is that guitarist crazy, but that wah sounds great

another thing to look into is a vintage crybaby, smoother than a Teese, and sounds reeeeal nice
Wait, it'll be worth it.
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