okkkkkkkk i got two questions. one question is a main question then the second one is sorta a sub question that has noooothing to do with the main question

1st Question-I need a cheap effects pedal for small gigs (like around 60 or 70 people) but a cheap GOOD one. cheap is like from 50-100. yea...on a small budget

2nd question-How much more does an Ibanez RG320 pwn an Ibanez RG321?
[1] What kind of effects pedal, a multi effects, single effect, what? You cant get no multi effects for $100 unless its a piece of bull**** or used and abused to hell.

[2] The RG320 has the Edge III trem, which IMO is ok... but it isnt that great. So I'd go for the RG321, unless you really need the tremolo but I'd go for the S470 if you really need the tremolo.
uhh...wat are the choices of effects...i hav no idea wat. all i know is my youth leader wants me to play in the youth group band at church and he wants me to get an effect pedal but doesnt want me to spend much...
so wat i mean is i kno nothing about wat effect pedals are and wat they do...
Then call him up and ask him what kind of effect pedal?

Effect pedals do what they sound like they do, they give your sound some effects. To sound different. Oh man this is so frusturating when you're stoned.
well then dont get stoned...your a bad person...stoner...i shall stone you now with stones like back in jesus' day
You're an idiot.
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You don't even know what your looking for man, what song are you going to play? What effect do you need? What kind of gear do you have? Give us something man.
okay...as i said before dunno the type of effects i need. but i do kno some other things.
ill be playing songs that are like stellar kart or switchfoot songs. sort punk popish or watever. i will hav either a schecter omen 6 or an ibanez 321...and i dont kno wat amp they use
We can't help you then, just ask your youth leader what he wants you to buy.
Distortion perhaps? Not exactly an effect... well, sort of. Anyway. Get some distortion down you.

Stoning to death? Not very merciful. JC would definitely disapprove.

Oh and this should be in the GG&A forum.
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wats GC&A Forum? and distortion is the word i was looking for! i knew he mentioned something but i didnt remember wat it was!