I currently have a MIM Fender Fat Strat, and I'm looking to buy a new guitar as my nice, "keeper" guitar. I'm looking to spend around $700, although I can push that up to around $1K if needed.

I like playing all kinds of music, mostly rock, alternative, and a bit of punk and metal. I also have pretty short fingers, so would prefer a thinner neck (no Les Paul bat necks ) Also, I would rather not have a tremolo, as I don't want to deal with the hassles of tuning and re-stringing one.

I've done a bunch of research, and the only guitars that seem to fit the bill for me are: MIA Fender Strat, Gibson SG, or Schecter C-1 Elite. Any other suggestions of guitars to look at? Of the three listed above, any pros/cons for each?

I'm actually leaning towards the Schecter, but I'm a little worried about the thick neck.

It seems like some of the other large/popular guitar companies like Ibanez, ESP, or Jackson are all more geared towards metal-players. Is this true?

Thanks for any help!

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looks like a Marty Friedman, but IMO I know you dont want a tremolo but consider an S470, I heard it's really good...If not go for a nice Epi LP Custom, those are pretty nice and are hard tail.
ibanez has a very thin neck, so I've heard, although I don't think so with mine(it's a stingray style bass...) and they are good for all types of stuff, although a pickup change has been suggested before...
SZs don't have thin necks. The Marty Friedman is based on the SZs.
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Ibanez RGA 121. Thin neck, no trem, mohogany body. The only problem is the pickups. Swap them out and you should still be under $1000.

+1. That or an SZ

And yes, Marty Friedman loves SZs and his sig guitar will be based on one.

mmm...Marty Friedman sig.

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It's already on sale in Japan and it pisses me off they dont wanna bring em here for now...But on the subject, since you have a Strat already why dont you get a Les Paul, try looking for a used Elitist or a Custom Les Paul...Epi of course.
i think you might have problems with the schecter, they're a little bit thinner than gibson necks, but not by much, i love my schecter C-1 Elite, with upgraded pickups, i say just as good as a gibson, i personally liked it more than a PRS, i felt a PRS, the one i played had a bulky neck joint, not all that great feel (for me, i know alot of people love them), and there wasn't a 1500 difference in sound quality