Hi everybody! I really don't know if this is the best place for this, but... I'lll try. We are called XTS, and as the title says, we a re a new band from Bilbao. We love rock, heavy metal and almost every type of music, and we are trying to mix all our influences to create powerful and sensitive songs... or at least we're trying to archieve it. Here there is a little example of what we do: www.myspace.com/xtsbilbao. The first song called Saddy Birthday is the last song of a project we are developing, something like a conceptual album based on the last days of a boy... It was recorded in a local party here, and is only a sample, not the last version. I hope you like it guys! Pleas efeel free to discuss about it, I know it can be improved, but I hope that you understand that we are almost new ones at it... Post any comment you want in our page, or rate the songs if you like them ok? Thanks!
It's alright... I guess the recording is compromised because it's live, but on the Birthday song, the rap/rhythm/dude vocalist sounds a little out of place.

Back in Black is played a little too fast, and the singer... well, ugh. And ya messed up a couple times.

The solo in Back in Black is pretty good, though, I liked that. Your vocalist trying to sound like Brian Johnson kind of makes me want to him.

Jah, that's about all I have to say.

Master of Puppies