as a fledgling band with fledgling band members we're developing a sound fairly fast. Here's a link to the myspace:

Song: Rave Party

I play trumpet, trombone (not my forte frankly) and sing half the vocals (mainly the verse). The lyrics are admittedly rather crude, however the other band members said they liked them despite me writing them in a rush, so, that's that. It's a fun song, remember!

Let me know what you think, both musically and on recording quality. Constructive criticism welcome.

Thank ye in advance!
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pleasantly surprised! write some more to see if u werent just lucky on that one lol.

Im better at trumpet than you are :P
Ok, when's the trumpet showdown going to be?

By the way, I got my trumpet approximately 2 months ago and play without any lessons </showing-off>
Pss!!! Please tell me I'm going to get more than 1 response!