try anything by Rush. "Xanadu" is good or "YYZ" or... yeah - those help a lot with improv and timing and speed and learning long/multi-parts songs. And just listen to Rush in general cause there's nothing a musician con't learn from them.
Metroplois Part 1 by Dream Theater.

I dont believe it has slapping, but it does have right hand tapping.
Not any Who song. Any Who song but a select few, particularly I Can See for Mile. Try to leanr Who lives songs. Those are awesome.
The Ytse Jam by Dream Theater
Holiday, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams And American Idiot's Solos!!!! Those Are Soooo Good!!!
Prog Rock, more of the technical metal, jazz, classical, shred, etc.

The only of these i really know a lot about is the metal. So, try out some tech death if you like that sort of thing, Necrophagist, Atheist and Cynic are good starts.
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YYZ by Rush, the live version of Crossroads by Cream, Donna Lee by Jaco Pastorius.
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Basically any Dream Theater song, YYZ by Rush (as others have mentioned).

Also try some older Mudvayne stuff (from L.D. 50). Some of the songs can be challenging.
This forum is so one dimensional when it comes to music.

Try learning Beethovens 5th Symphony. See you in a few weeks
^oh yes, Jaco, Cream, TMV, Dream Theater, Mudvayne and Rush are all the same type of music.

EDIT: Yes, this is probably spam but I dont feel like contributing to the thread because there is actually a thread on this page of the bass forum (the "Name me some hard songs to learn" thread) and I already posted in that one.

EDIT #2: Wow, I just found out that the "Name me some hard songs to learn" thread was closed and a link to this thread was posted in that thread as the last post (made by the mod who closed it). Yet, this thread was created about 6 hours after the "Name me some hard songs to learn" thread was created.
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fools try wont get fooled agein by the who or any who song

+1 to won't get fooled again, uber cool, slick AND challenging bass.....not to mention the incredible drumming of keith moon (RIP)
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Victor Wootang

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Its Victor Wooten but he and Les do a lot of slapping
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Primus-Jerry was a Racecar Driver etc . Victon Wootang or whatever his name is!

oh wow, I just have to sig that.
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I agree. The lemon song is definetly one of the best most challenging songs on the bass. But very fun.
I said it before, and I'll say it again, Armageddon by Alkaline Trio.

And, yeah, for the metalhead in me, Dig kept me up for days trying to get it just right. I never did, sadly.
^He said non slapping songs TopherAbe. Btw that's a badass bassline though.
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I disagree Slipknot is more technical than Necrophagist and more brutal than Suffocation, that's why I do hardcore dances to it with my 14 year old friends.