First order of business is to address the would-be cops out there. I didn' t know which forum this thread should go under, this one seemed pretty appropriate. If your penis feels small today, go ahead and report me. I won't apologize if the community thinks I put this in the wrong place, because it doesn't change my question.

And my question (finally) is if anyone can recommend good settings on a Boss OD20 being run through a Traynor YCV20. If it counts for anything I also use a Crybaby From Hell. My guitars are a California Strat with Tex Mex pickups, and Frankenstein Ibanez RG with an (bridge-neck) Evolution, Dimarzio Chopper and a SD Jazz.

I'll take recommendations for anything. Metal, jazz, classic rock, fuzz, blues. If you know a good one that might work for me, let me know and I'll try it.
post this under gear and accessories and you might get a response
(btw my penis is feeling abnormally large today and i could care less to report you, but for future reference if you want a decent answer in a timely fashion post under the right form)