it seems like last few weeks iv been doing reall well on guitar my picking sweeping accuracy everything was fine and for the past days i havent been playign as much because of school crap and i pick up the guitar past two days ive been terriblely sloppy cant sweep for crap and it seems like im holding my pick wrong, is being liek this normal or wtf.
Well, consistency is really beneficial man. Even if school is eating your time up, going two days, or even one without practicing can really jack you up. Try to stay up later or wake up earlier, just an hour or even thrity minutes, so that you can at least get SOME practice in each day. That way you'll never get rusty at all.
well its not like i havent picked up my guitar just havent gotten to do my like usual 2 hour routine. but i noticed im rusty even after just 2 days.
Hmmm....maybe try slowing everything down by 20 BPM or so until everything is crystal clear, and then try to bounce back?
This always happens. Continuous practise is necessary. Even if you do practise every day you have off patches. I'm right in the middle of one now actually
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