today i bought a matte black jackson Sl3 for $1100 canadian and i was just wondering what people thought of this guitar
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ya it is it was on sale at 1/2 price
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SL3's are very nice IMO...isnt that like a 2000 USD guitar? or 1800?

I think they are around $1100 here, let me check ever so quickly.

EDIT: The black is $1179 on MF.
My bad I was looking at the SL1...the SL3 is $1,179.99 - $1,219.99 at Musicians Friend....But nonetheless, still a great guitar.
I love mine....great great saturated tone, and it can do some pretty nice cleans from the neck pickup...not to mention the thing is downright beautiful...the trem always stays in tune, I just never used mine so I had it blocked...the neck feel is very nice, smooth, thin, fast, the woods good material, very solid guitar. My one complaint is the volume pots...they tend to be faulty...Ive read numerous reviews which tend to say the same thing about them, mine failed, hadda get new ones, no biggie...beautiful guitars with great playability and INSANE tone right out of the box...nice nice pickups...well peace out happy spending!
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