hey, so i have an ibanez rg350 dx and i just took it to the shop to get somthing fixed on the imput jack, and i got it back today and when i got home i realized that he set the bridge(its a temelo) really low so now all the strings are hitting the pickups and i need help on how to raise it or somthing so the strings dont hit, anyone know how?
Lower the pickups if it's too much trouble to raise the action on the trem, i have to do it to mine some times and it kinda sucks.
how do i lower the action on the trem because the strings hit the fretboard too
If the strings are hitting the fretboard, then increase your action, dont lower it anymore.
To increase your action (string height), simply adjust these screws, works just like a normal screw so tightening it would lower your action and loosening it would increase it.

Also make sure that your bridge is always parallel to the body.
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hey thanks man, i ment to say raise the action but thanks ill do that