After a long absence from this forum, I have returned. This is a song me and my bassist have been working on. Although we are a hard rock band, this pop punk because he wanted something catchy. He first told me the idea was just "Something college kids will like that involves drinking and having sex" We are all in our early-mid 20s and gig at bars so that works. Let me know what you think:

5 pints up

Verse I: School **** that
Not the place where I wanna be, cause I rather be
Out at the bar, as far, as we know we can

Walk right back to the place that welcomes me
Where the drinks are cheap, and some women are free

Pre-Chorus: Hold me back
Give that stupid fix a smack
No white with black
Who planned this crap

Chorus: 5 pints up / 6 shots down
1 hour later with a face to the ground
3 hot chicks trying to throw me in the mix
But I don?t mix well with an umbrella stick

5 pints up / 6 shots down
1 hour latter with a face to the ground
3 hot chicks fighting hard for dick
**** your mess-ups, hassels and all that ****

Verse II: Working 9 to 5 what a lame reality
This is so insane, who?s to blame?
Working 40k a year like a rat with a scrap


Bridge: How could I pick the same old ****
How could I slip in the middle of it
I need to blame myself this I know
It?s hard to get out from down below

Chorus x2


I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
its really good for a college song. just reading the lyrics it sounds pop punk, and it sounds catchy, and if that's what you're going for then nice work.

the '3 hot chicks fighting hard for dick' was quite funny, and over all a nice college song. play it on a roof, throw out cd's with it burnt on, you could be the next big... pop punk thing... maybe..
This was sweet man.
Think you would get what you want as these lyrics would be catchy if someone was singing them on a good rock n roll beat.