Hey guys, I've posted up flyers all over the place, posted myspace bulletins like crazy, and we're going around asking people if they know anyone who can play the guitar godo enough to be lead for us. Basically I'll keep this short and sweet, and ask... Is there any other methods of finding a person, by advertising that we need someone, or should we just sit back and wait?

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Guitarists are a dime a dozen.

A lead guitarist should easily find you, so just sit back and wait. The thing about a lead guitarist is that once he joins, you'll become the second guitarist; not the other way around. You can make do without solos though, can't you?
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Based on where you live, you got several options.

Generally musical instrument stores have a bulletin board where they post musicians wanted/available ads. Go check it out.

Here in melbourne we have a website called melband, where people can discuss melbourne music scene, and give info on musos wanted/available. Look up on of them for aristes. (wherever that is)

yah. hope i helped ya.
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