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Alright after sifting through the ultimate settings thead I could not find satriani's settings. I want to know the basic bass mid treb rev mayb for songs like zz song, rubina, always with me always with you, mostly his clean stuff. Thx!
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Bass at half, mids at near full, treble at 60%.
That's a very basic guideline cause Satch's JSX amp has alot to do with his sound.
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Have you got the same gear that Satriani uses?
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You won't get remotely close to his sound if you don't have good gear that's close to his, amp settings don't make a difference to making SS practice amps sound like rock stars.
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Yeah see I got a fender hot rod deluxe and thats it so, thx though
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i have a JSX, and i can get a similar sound, but delay, and wah will help alot. and yes, a buttload of mids.
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