What you meant to me

I hope you feel as cold as I
staring at the stars with our own two eyes
nothing could be better, than watching you die
struck, like a meteor
killed, like a mortal
awaiting a rainbow sky

since you've gone, I still long, so lets get high

homostatistic is a statistic, two o' percent in borders
automative and autistic, I fixed it

blue is in the air, but you dont care
stare at me, glare at me, still dont see
what you meant to me

charity to my exchange
clarity to my brain
violently changes
severity to my brain
hate for my exchange

a flower, I believe I have abilities to fly
a flower, with a soothing poison
a flower, stare at me
flower, numb me
what you meant to me
I guess you gotta write about politics to not be emo