I am just discovering these at a local music store. They seem to be quite sweet for the price. Any experiences/opinions?
fantastic guitars!! they are quite sweet but also quite pricey.
i agree 100% with jim. great guitars. amazing tone and playability. expensive, but well worth it if you really like acoustic.
larivee's are the nicest acoustics out there with martin, taylor, gibson ,breedlove, and mcpherson
Lariavee's are fantastic guitars. I don't own one myself but have played several and have friends that have them and they are very pleased.
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Larivee guitars have top notch construction. They actually carve the bracing by hand which means that the quality of the tone is much more consistant than martins and taylors. Also Jean Larivee still carves every neck himself. That shows that he still takes a bit of pride in the guitars he makes. He isn't just out to make a buck.

Lariavee guitars have a very differant bracing layout than most guitars which also makes them sound a little differant. They tend to be warmer with more musical overtone, some people love this while others think it makes them sound boaring. I like the tone of these guitars but I like the tone of a good martin better.
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fantastic guitars!! they are quite sweet but also quite pricey.

It seems to me that they are significantly less expensive than comparable Martins or Taylors, though.
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They are cheaper than comparable Taylors that is for sure.
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